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Home Energy Tools

 Free Online Tools Take the Guesswork out of Your Energy Use

They say knowledge is power. And that’s exactly what you get with the free online home energy tools that are often available through your electric cooperative. They’re the latest applications of their kind—and since every homeowner can appreciate a good set of tools, let’s highlight exactly what they can do for you.

 A Basic Home Energy Calculator

Perhaps you’ve always wanted in-depth analysis of the energy use in your home. Or maybe it’s never even crossed your mind until now. Either way, it’s easy to get a comprehensive report of where your energy dollars are going using a home energy calculator.

Based on simple information you provide, as well as local energy rates and weather data, you will be able to see what portions of your monthly bill went to heating, cooling, lighting, etc. Often times, you’ll also see no-cost or low-cost recommendations on how to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Boilerplate advice is one thing. The advice you’ll get is tailored specifically to you.

These calculators even allow you to preview cost-saving actions you could take. For example, you can see an estimate of how improving your home’s insulation would impact your monthly energy bill right before your eyes. Using these calculators takes less than 10 minutes, is easy to use and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Calculators That Use Your Billing Data

These calculators are similar to the basic home energy calculators in that they offer an in-depth look at your energy use. The major difference between the two is that these calculators are capable of linking to your personal billing history. This allows you to easily view and compare your energy usage and costs from one month to another, over a 12-month period. And it uses your actual energy usage data as reflected in your bill, to identify how efficient you are. With that information, you can compare your bill to what it could be with optimal energy efficiency.

 With either the basic home energy calculator or one that analyzes your own billing data, you have everything at your disposal to see exactly what’s going on with your energy usage, and to get customized solutions to increase the energy efficiency in your home.

There are many calculators available. Check with your local energy cooperative or visit today to increase the power you have over your home energy use.