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Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling is the largest energy expense for most homes, accounting for over 50% of energy use.

Water Heating

Water heating is the second largest energy expense in the home, typically accounting for 16-18% of utility bills.

Phantom Load

Phantom load is the unintentional siphoning of electricity by electronics, even when they are shut off.

Home Lighting

Lighting accounts for about 10% of the average household’s energy budget and is perhaps the best place to get started when making the effort to save electricity and money.


Explore these sites for more energy and money-saving tips, products, rebates and information.


A well-designed landscape can help protect your home from winter wind and summer sun, and effectively reduce your energy costs year-round. Before you start landscaping, consider your climate, your home’s microclimate, as well as the wind directions and shading around your home to help you devise a plan.