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In Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, electric cooperatives provide services to people in the regions rural areas and emerging suburbs. Cooperatives have been long deeply involved in their communities and today many cooperatives have expanded their efforts to meet whatever needs exist in their service area. This site is provided to you by the collective efforts of these cooperatives.

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) is a generation and transmission cooperative and is the wholesale power supplier of its member-owned distribution electric cooperative. For more than 60 years, ODEC has remained a trusted energy provider for our distribution members who provide electric energy to nearly a half-million homes and businesses throughout Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

Your electric cooperative is one of 11 distribution cooperatives who govern and set policy for the organization. ODEC exists because of your cooperative, and more specifically the valued members we serve together—people such as yourself and your family.

It’s about energy. We want to keep it affordable and make sure it’s an abundant resource in the future. The small actions we take now make a difference in how much you spend each month.

Learn how you and your family can save money by reducing your home energy use

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